The Only True MG lyrics

Di Da Di Dam

I am a waterfall
heaven calls,
di da di dam,

and a broken toy
this the sound I make,
di dad di dam.

My buddy send your rays my way today
I want to make peace with the world
right here right now
I´ll go and talk to
di da di dam girl.

Hello rising sun
are we having fun,
di da di dam?

Send your rays my way
I make peace with everyone
I even play again with mum,
di da di dam.

Brutal Disco

My dad´s dead
and I eat flesh
face to face
with ugliness

of a crappy family
and piracy
of industry.

This week
my dad died
and I eat flies
hidden from the world
feeding on his word.

In extreme isolation
I try to forget
the understanding of

My dad´s dead
papers said
my dad´s dead,
papers said.

My symphony
turned to tragedy
4 perfect movements
turned to stiff arms and legs.

My dad`s dead!

Pocket Rock

I want to know it
the coolest stone it
is very smooth

in my pocket
I walk and rock it
and think of you.

Do you want to hold it
I´ll tell you how I found it


this is a secret.
I only keep it
for someone

with magic powers,
it could be ours
that perfect and round

rock in my pocket
do you want to hold it, now!

Do you want to hold it?
Needed to show it
to someone like you.


Her papa said NO
but she sneaked out of the window.
Mama kept her secrets.
And now a husband

who she keeps in the basement
with no light
raising grand-grandchildren.
He´s way too kind.

She leaves for the office
to live and learn
a little bit more
dream work.

Her papa said NO
but she sneaked out of the window.
Mama kept her secrets.
And fascist grandparents

mixed her emotions
kept slaves
ranked her the highest
she stayed that way.

She is the end of civilization

Ghost Were the Days

At kindergarten gate
twisted sister Faith
sees all and waits.
Ghost were the days.

She knows that Sally knows.
So slow sweet Sally goes
to a magic place.
Ghost were the days.

It all transmits
after the first fits.

Dark undereye
ci-circled by
just to say hi!
Hide yourself and die!

Papa was late
mama was late
the panic stayed.

At kindergarten gate
twisted sister Faith
sees all and waits.
Ghost were the days.

The Elderly

Roll out now our economy
our carnival of lost receipt
see it pours like champagne
my mistake, my mistake.

Roll out now the elderly
so sour be sugary
my jelly belly baby
now sing!

Roll out now the time we have left
leaning against the wall.

Roll out now the love we share
blurred, beware
my jelly belly baby.

stay I`m in tears
take me out of here.

I`m no traitor you alligator
get me out of here.

The Only True Mother Goose

I know, I know, I know
I show, I show, I show
too much and all
is nothing at all.

To me it`s just the same
another lane that leads nowhere.

Have you ever been there?

En Saga

Nudity is nice
with daddy on Saturday nights.
Sundays taste emphatic
I must wait.

World, someday
I´ll make him go away.
One starry night
at the roadside.

A Note from School

He is always home
doing what he does best
just being alone
and a homeless soul.

That´s what he is, yes!

It`s so and so
one of us must go!
They called from school
and want to talk to us,
they called from school.
I want to talk to you, now!

I want to know
are you going to go?
I want to know, so?

Don´t hide,
I´m frightened of your tea and biscuits
and your fried eggs and sausages.
Is everything ok?
I´ll call later in the day, he´s away.

I want to know
what´s happening to you
I want to know!
Are the dishes done?
I want to know!
Are we having fun?

Cheshire Multiplier

Forks, wives and blunt blunt knifes.
Heartbeat that never dies. New volumes of lullabyes.
Cheshire multiplier drilling holes to stripper poles. Good musketeer
good god sent. Top soil to the very end!
In the back of that neon shack heartland darkness and roses glad?

Chicken Shack

Mother, where are you?
Now, what should I do?
Mama what shall I play
and what day it is today?

Father with his funny moves
yep, he was born to loose.
He couldn`t see the wall
bang, he hit the floor.

He died heartbroken.

In that chicken shack
time once and forever turned back
because we didn´t speak
folks let it be!

I am falling down the stairs
I´m the only one who cares
and I must say it right here, right now
I feel lucky somehow

but my heart is broken.

( I am a family ghost
the one who ached the most. )

Sleepy Slippers

Sleepy slippers
gold diggers
not kidding
make hood pudding.

Sleepy slippers
white feathers
bangbang mothers
dumdum holes.

What´s it like there?
I guess I´ll never know.
What´s it like?
………I thought so.

It seems so easy
cocoa and cold
go together
and make soul.

Sleepy slippers
the whole show
your future?
Death row?

Reeled Real

I have no beginning
and I have no end
but I have a voice
good god sent
me a tape recorder
to talk and to rewind
listen to me baby carefully
I cry.

Old folks upstairs
they were reel to reel.
I was curious
so, they taught me
to talk and to rewind ant to listen carefully.
I made noise, they saw me.

And I tell you this is not a lie
that tape recorder saved my life.

All Sam

Are you looking for a lover
and lost lust for life?
Baby, here I am
everyone knows Sam
let´s unwind!

This bold look of sadness
from the other side of madness
is just modern chemistry
and family history.

So, are you looking for a lover?
The world has lost its mind
and people are strange
the man said
no more, no way!

No way a sweet lady,
she made me cry
so many times
I lost my mind.

So, are you looking for a lover
and lost lust for life
baby here I am
everybody knows Sam?

Yeah right!